Banshee D2

Overall Length6.11"
Blade Length2.38"
Cutting Edge2.41"
Weight w/o Sheath1.8 oz
Weight w/ Sheath2.8 oz
GrindFull Flat Grind
FinishAbrasion Resistant Ceramic
AttachmentsMolle Lok and Tek-Lok Compatible
Country of Origin100% Made in USA

The greatest duality an outdoorsman faces is that of saving weight versus maximizing utility. On one hand, a functional tool can bail you out of a sticky situation. On the other, any tool you wish to use must also be carried on your person which weighs you down with every step. The Banshee D2 finds the perfect balance between functionality and weight savings by shedding away unnecessary material without compromising any strength or toughness.

Made of high hard D2 tool steel, the leaf-shaped flat ground blade makes slicing tasks a breeze. D2, which has impressive properties that make it capable of cutting other types of steels in a machine shop setting, takes a fine edge and is known for its wear resistance. The true benefit of using a D2 knife is that you can expect long lasting edge retention without having to waste time using your sharpener.

The blade is protected by a high quality Kydex sheath. Kydex is a waterproof and scratch resistant material that is widely used in high profile places such as operating rooms and aircraft. The sheath is compatible with Tek-Lok and Molle-lok attachments, which means you have a wide range of mounting and carry options. Using one of these attachments will allow you to mount your Banshee on a leg strap, backpack, or belt. You can also easily loop paracord through the sheath and carry your Banshee as a neck knife.

The grip on the Banshee D2 is skeletonized, which allows you to wrap your knife with paracord. Paracord is light weight and can easily be repurposed in a tense situation for a variety of survival techniques ranging from shelter building to fire starting. It also allows a level of customization so you can add a personal touch to your knife. Because everybody has unique taste, we include a 6′ length of paracord in a color of your choice but leave it to you to wrap it (or not) in the style that you like best.

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of the Banshee. The ergonomics are carefully tuned such that you easily generate cutting pressure, meaning you need less blade length to make your cuts. It will outperform larger knives yet remains easier to maneuver and stow.

Last but not least, the Banshee D2 is 100% made in the USA.